What We Believe


We believe in not only thinking outside the box, but completely redefining it. We want to change the way things are done, remove inefficienies, and increase quality. This belief is refecletd by our name, Acme Walnut Shelling.

Acme (noun) "the culminating point, as of achievement or excellence; summit; peak"

To extend on the definition above, we wish to reach the peak of a mounatin no one has scaled yet. Once we get there, we will find the next mountain to climb. Our achievement is never ending and forever growing, because we believe in the process above all else. To accomplish this, we stay on the cutting edge of technology. We also develop our own equipment, and design the facility layout entirely ourselves.

We have practiced these beliefs with walnut shelling since 1992. We process high quality California walnuts, grown only in rich California soil. Not only do we shell our own product, but others will send us there product to be processed, we call this custom work. We both custom shell walnuts and custom clean walnuts. Companies come to us for these services for many reasons. Some have more walnuts than they can currently handle. Some require our speed and some higher quality. And all experience a greater profit from there products. To learn more about these services please visit the "What We Do" tab.

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